Review: Ultimate Galactus, Volume 2: Secret

Series: Ultimate Galactus Trilogy: #2

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #41

First, we learned something was coming.

Now we get a hint at what it’s coming to do.

(Hint: ☠️)

It’s pretty cool seeing the Ultimates and Fantastic Four team up this time. No X-Men though.


Notes. Secrets.

Kree! Mahr Vehl! I more or less recognize these names. Wonder if Captain Marvel is coming as I expect (we saw Danvers) or if this is one of the changes.

… lol.

Galactus is about to be blamed. Calling it.

New favorite Fantastic Four scene.

New friends!


Rather a different look for Hawkeye. Think I mentioned that when we last saw him a while ago. But he’s got a point…