Review: Ultimate Fantastic Four, Volume 5: Crossover

Series: Ultimate Fantastic Four: #5

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #34

After the mess of the last volume, it’s time to… turn up the wacky even more?

Time travel, parallel universes, super zombies, and Atlantis.

That is so much to fit into a single volume. No idea what will stick, but any one of those could carry a dozen volumes if not a series of their own… and they just keep doing it. Issue after issue.

Slow down!


The zombie plague was pretty neat, not going to lie. I wonder if we’ll see more of that.


Full notes. Spoilers.

So we’re just doing time travel now.

And parallel universes.

And zombies!

All in a few pages!

Fight fight fight!

And if that wasn’t enough, Atlantis! Namor!

I know, right?

… they appear to be alive. And we’re just going to brush by this, never to mention it again I bet.