Review: Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 12: Superstars

Series: Ultimate Spider-Man: #12

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #30

Woo boy that was a ride. I was expecting some fallout from Gwen… but all we get on that front was a single line. Kinda weird.

Instead, a body swap story with Wolverine (hilarious), getting to meet Johnny Storm who is just trying to be normal (best Fantastic Four story thus far!), and a dreamy (but in the nightmare sort of way) introduction to Doctor Strange.

All that in six issues/a single volume.

Good, but Oy the whiplash.


Notes. Spoilers.

The introduction:


… that’s wonderful. Not entirely fair to Parker. But greatly amusing.

Back in his body, back to bullying and other high school drama.

I expect Liz is regretting this now.

That’s cute.

And a slightly different take on Doctor Strange? Quite the volume.