Review: Ultimate X-Men, Vol. 8: New Mutants

Series: Ultimate X-Men: #8

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #26

Things have been rough for the X-Men, what with the whole Magneto thing (again) and anti-Mutant feelings running high. So of course what do we need? More mutants!

Angel. Emma Frost. Dazzler. Alex Summers.

It’s cool to see so many new (old) faces and shake up the status quo.

We’ll just have to see what’s next.

Nothing particularly special about this volume but also not terrible.


More notes. Spoilers.

On one hand, that’s hilarious. Beast, tech nerd. It fits.

On the other hand… this is most directly how we got Magneto back…

Oh Storm.

Couldn’t save anyone else, could you? With a vocabulary of more than one syllable?


Because healing factor?


Dazzler! Well how’s that for a blast from the past?

Cyclops’ face is great.

Being comics, my first thought of course is: how do they bring him back? Because with only a very few exceptions, they always bring them back.