Review: Christmas Treasury

Why yes. It is an odd time of year to be reading a Christmas Treasury. But i has been insisting on stories out of this book over and over again, so I figured I might as well write it down. It’s a whole collection of the cute Christmas (or at least Winter) themed stories with the absolutely delightful illustrations that are Jan Brett’s trademark.

The individual stories:

The Mitten: The one I’ve read the most. Absurd in the way only children’s stories seem able to get away with. Best for younger readers.

The Wild Christmas Reindeer: A more ‘moral’ story about listening to those you work with. Fun to have a ‘different’ list of Reindeer than I ever heard growing up with.

Trouble with Trolls: Trolls keep trying to steal the dog; little girl keeps tricking them all the way up the mountain. Another cute story and great to see the little girl thinking her way out of trouble.

The Twelve Days of Christmas: The song. The art is delightful though.

The Hat: Perhaps too close a cousin to The Mitten (which I prefer). Cute enough though.

Christmas Trolls: Starts with the same tricksters as in Trouble With Trolls, ends up with a much more wholesome lesson about the ‘spirit of Christmas’. I enjoyed it.

The Night Before Christmas: The same story, nothing particularly special about this one. The art is nice though.