Review: Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 8: Cats & Kings

Series: Ultimate Spider-Man: #8

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #21

Whoo boy. Fisk is back and of course Spider-Man can’t let that stand. He (Spider-Man) really does need to find a way to deal with him (Kingpin) before he (Spider-Man) ends up dealt with… violently.

Along the way, we get a bit more humanity from Jameson, a new mysterious (ish) opponent/ally? in Black Cat, and a bit more Elektra. Good times.

I really do prefer these more ongoing story lines.


Notes. Spoilers.

… huh. All right then.

I don’t usually include entire pages… but the dialog here. Kingpin is dead serious. I’m sure Spider-Man gets that. So the snark is a defense mechanism… but how does he actually deal with this?

… oh boy.

I really have no words.

How does an outfit like that even work?

Elektra is back! And on the side of the angels looks like… (get it? Because Daredevil is a good guy?)

And this at least, while still being a bit (more than a bit) over sexualized at least looks slightly more physically possible.

I was vaguely thinking Gwen, but she took off her mask and Spider-Man didn’t recognize her.

Does Kingpin have a daughter? That’d be quite the thing…

One issue later: or not.

Even more complications though.