Review: Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 7: Irresponsible

Series: Ultimate Spider-Man: #7

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #19

Such a teenager sometimes. Too broke for a new costume. Caught passing notes in class. Some guy my things up. The X-Men. You know.

I love it. It’s relatively lower stakes. Gives Peter and MJ some time to breathe. Builds the conflict between Peter in school and as Spider-Man.

Plus, funny foreign accent guy is amusing and we get an X-Men crossover.

A good one.


Notes. Spoilers.

… that’s an outfit.

She said the thing!

Vippy woo. 😆

What is with the cutouts in the pants…

That’s cute.

  1. Telepath downsides, yo.
  2. Don’t think of pink elephants!
  3. How you dress does not justify rape. But that all comes down to not acting on your first thoughts like a monster. But given her outfit… is it not surprising that is not people’s first reaction?

The fact that this goes on for two pages though? Hilarious.

… angels?

I feel like that’s among the most ethical self inspection the Professor has done yet…