Review: Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 6: Venom

Series: Ultimate Spider-Man: #6

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #15

Well that’s another packed volume. A dash of memory on tape: Peter’s father. And… apparently childhood friend Eddie Brock?

Of course one thing leads to another, they find the venom formula (SCIENCE this time, not alien; at least not that we know), and we very Venom suit Spider-Man. Only for a few moments and he’s already done with that.

It’s a bit quick to go from ‘oh hey, childhood friend you forgot’ to fighting Venom in the street, but I expect we’ll see more of him.

Plus, an aside with Fury! And references to the events of the Ultimates!


Notes (spoilers):

A reference! Just a line, but I’ll take it.


A good rule. In comics, even if you do see the body…

So long as it’s not Uncle Ben at least. He (apparently) stays dead.

Wonder if that’s still true.

… that seems young for Fury. Perhaps I have Samuel Jackson in my head… and perhaps he’s the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. in his 30s?