Review: Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 3: Double Trouble

Series: Ultimate Spider-Man: #3

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #12


He’s so young.

Here we have them introductions of Gwen Stacy and Eddie Brock, Doc Oc—back from the dead, Kong being not quite so dumb as everyone thinks—but no one believes him, and… for some reason a guy in a fur cloak wants to hunt Spider-Man.

I feel like these are by far the best paced of the Ultimate Marvel Universe comics so far. Plenty of action, but also time to see Parker being a kid, working a job, and introducing new characters.

I’m looking forward to what’s next!

Notes (minor spoilers):

I feel like I’ve read that one before.

… so that’s Ultimate Gwen Stacy. She’s new here.

Pym? Like the one who abused his wife and got his (giant) jaw broken by Captain America? I had assumed these stories would be in a shared continuity and in order. Is that actually true?

B-plot… activate!


His snarky banter really is the best.