Review: The Ultimates, Volume 1: Super-Human

Series: The Ultimates: #1

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #10

Let’s get the team together! Iron Man! Bruce Banner! Thor? Nah. The Pyms!

And of course…

Captain America!

Now… we just need someone to fight…

That’s a solid opener. Enough with the meet and greet to know who is who (even if it does rely somewhat on previous superhero knowledge) and then let them fight.

I’m looking forward to seeing where else they go from here!

(Side note: holy crap that last issue they threw in there—that’s really setting us up for some interesting story lines…)

Notes (minor spoilers):

Why yes. That is Captain America attempting to stop a hydrogen bomb carrying rocket by… jumping aboard.

Banner doing the science thing.

The Pyms… doing the science thing.

Iron Man doing his own thing, showing off. Curious if it will be the healing factor Iron Man we saw a few volumes ago or if they’ve already scrapped (heh) that idea.

lol awesome. Especially when this comic came out in 2002… 6 years before the MCU Iron Man.


Not perfectly prescient after all them. Can you imagine Iron Depp?

… oh my.