Review: Ultimate X-Men, Vol. 3: World Tour

Series: Ultimate X-Men: #3

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #9

First off, Gambit. Hard to understand with a heart of gold. Then a quick look at what’s the Professor actually did to Magneto. Here’s a hint: actually killing him might have been kinder in the long run.

And then finally, we’re on to the World Tour! It’s all about proving that mutants do good for the world.

What could possibly go wrong…

I really do fall on the ‘Professor is being an overly pacifist idiot’ side of times things. It’ll be interesting to see what’s next.

On the other hand, these plots really could use some more time to breath. In the span of a single volume, we’re introduced to the idea of Professor X having a wife and child to said child trying to kill everything to their eventual defeat (for now? it's unclear) . Such is comics life?

Notes (spoilers):

Gambit! Or at least Gambit’s accent. Hard to read.


On one hand, is that actually better than killing him? On the other … you know he’s going to figure out how to break that at some point.

… just how young are those two?



… oooooh my.

And then new art style! Oh boy.

He did kind of leave himself open for that one.

Oooh boy.

Yes. I’m sure he does. And because he does it for the ‘right reasons’ and doesn’t kill anybody, he’s the good guy.

It continues.

Is that actually better? I do wonder if this time will have changed him at all. I expect not.