Review: Ultimate Iron Man, Vol. 2

Series: Ultimate Iron Man: #2

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #7

So. Iron Man.

The whole idea that they don’t know that Iron Man is a man in a suit rather than a robot and that for some reason Tony wants to keep it that way—and thinks that he can is a bit crazy to me…

Not to mention that the healing factor (and thus Tony’s disregard for getting hurt) still feels wrong.

A really weird/rough way to take Iron Man.

It’s a bit of a bummer, since I enjoyed Card’s earlier writing (Ender’s game primarily) even if his later stuff got weird and preachy. But I still had hope…

Ready to move on.

Notes (spoilers):

Iron Man vs government suits? Iron Man working for the suits?


I don’t really get this version of Obadiah. He is over the top weird and creepy and I don’t remember (or care) hew he got whatever powers he has.

Perfectly normal reaction, so far as I know. But… why would you include that line in a comic?