Review: Betsy-Tacy

Series: Betsy-Tacy: #1

“When Betsy is happy,” her mother said, “she is happier than anyone else in the world.” Then she added, “And she’s almost always happy.”

A cute book to read with younger children. In a nutshell, it’s the story about Tacy (she’s shy) and Betsy (she tells everyone that Tacy is shy). They go on adventures, have a clubhouse, and eventually find another new friend–just in time to start another book.

It’s all about childhood from another time, but worth remembering in this one. Children will be children, let them wander. Let them explore. Let them learn.

Random aside: the chapter where there's a new baby... that just dies--was quite a thing to read . I don’t think my daughter really got it and then it was only barely mentioned again, but that was certainly a surprise.