Review: Runaways, Vol. 8: Dead End Kids

Series: Runaways (2003-2009): #8

When you’re (perpetually) on the run and need a favor, who do you call?

Kingpin… apparently.

So of course things go all sorts of sideways. And of course time travel gets involved—because comics.


And so ends the 2005-2008 run. Onwards!

My notes (spoilers):

They’re so teenagers sometimes… and back in New York.

I like Karolina and Xavin. And totally feel for Nico her. Trying to understand? Open foot, insert mouth.

Super Skrull! Powers of the Fantastic Four!

Some training required.

They’re so bad at this.

Molly is cute. Nothing permanent had better happen to her.

Daw. Especially because she’s totally right.

Oh Molly.

Super… Zombie? Sure. Amusing pairing. 😆

Aw. Closed time loops!