Review: Succulents and Spells

Series: Windflower: #1

Marigold took a deep breath. “My name is Marigold Ann Nightfield. I use she/her pronouns. I’m a PhD candidate in biomedical science.”

Laurel offered her hand across the table, and Marigold took it.

“Laurel Windflower. She/her as well.” She didn’t mention the incomplete MA she’d been postponing, for one reason or another, for the past two years. “So, is your PhD in monster biology or something?”

That was delightful. It’s a cozy urban fantasy, light and cute with just enough touches of something bigger and more dangerous out there.

Well worth a read. And at a novella length 100 pages, it’s worth trying just to see if you like it. And if you do, there are a handful more to dig deeper! (I haven’t yet).

A bit deeper, at it’s heart the strength of the story is in the characters. We have a young (20 something?) woman from a large family of witches who hasn’t quite found her way (and at that age, who has) runs into another young woman from a much smaller, wealthier family–also with witches, if less–who studies the Monsters that hide under your bed academically.

It’s such a fun premise and watching the two find their way through life (and eventually towards each other) is just… fun.

“No need. She put her phone number in with the gingerbread.”

Connor got to his feet in mock outrage. “Her phone number? Laurel Windflower, you’re seriously telling me she gave you her phone number and you don’t know if she’s interested in you?”

Laurel could feel herself blushing. “Enough.”

I like the variety of witches, even if we don’t get many details at all about them, and the thought that went into making Monsters more ‘real’. Well done that, if light.

“I’ll be twenty-four in November. I know I come across young. It’s because I’m autistic, and enthusiastic about things, and also because of my skin.”

It’s nice to have autistic characters. Especially when it’s who she, but not all who she is.