Review: Runaways, Vol. 5: Escape to New York

Series: Runaways (2003-2009): #5

The one where Karolina is apparently engaged to someone from way out of town, Cloak and Dagger are back and need help (field trip!), and we get a few moments of some of the Big Names in Marvel.

It’s a cute story, well contained with a bit leading up to what’s coming I’m looking forward to… but Karolina just vanishing into space was… kind of weird. I like her. Hope she’s back soon.


As I reads, spoilers:

Not sure I’ll ever get used completely comics suddenly completely switching to different art styles.

That’s a thing? Of course that’s a thing.

I was just commenting on that.


Poof. Rrrr? I like how get spells have to be unique. I wonder if language matters.


Go Molly! Also… reading in no particular order does lead to a lot of questions. Where are all the mutants?