Review: Runaways, Vol. 4: True Believers

Series: Runaways (2003-2009): #4

The one with the time travel, yo.

Bit more traditional super hero flare, but still with a Runaways twist.

There’s a big bad in the future and our intrepid heroes(ish) have to find him as a teenager and … deal with him. Because that worked out so well the last two times.

Plus all sorts of b-tier / c-tier hero cameos… I have no idea which of these were made up for this story and which have decades long comics ruins of their own. And some rather higher level villains about. Now that was a surprise.

A fun ride.


As I reads. Might be Spoilers. You know the drill.

Oh boy.

Interesting new art style. Nico and Karolina got super skinny…

An upside of sorts?

And that’s why so many random super heroes in the comics can randomly fly.

… after 3 volumes. I’m amused.