Review: Evershore

Series: Skyward: #3.1

“Like the Saint says, if you don’t have anything to say, you might scare your flightleader into thinking you’re dead.”

The one with Jerkface and the Kitsen.

Like all of the Starsight novellas, we have a focus on what else has been going on while Spena has been doing her Cytonic things. This time–as you might guess–with Jerkface.

It’s actually really great to see his point of view and especially to see just how much he’s grown throughout the books. He was always a leader, but he’s really coming into it now–and really realizing that sometimes, just maybe, the books might be wrong.

I do also love seeing more of the Kitsen. They’re really building up a regular anti-Superiority alliance there.

I think the biggest bummer now is having to wait for Defiant to come out this November… Onward!