Review: Marvel 1602: Witch Hunter Angela

Series: Marvel 1602: #5

The last of the 1602 stories, so far as I know.

A truly odd story of two women hunting. I … don’t actually know so they are in the original continuity. So I’m not sure what changes here.

Various panels making our clear that the characters are aware of our time and that they aren’t in it… is an odd choice. Related to the above perhaps?

The art changes style from part to part and some of it absolutely gorgeous in a haunting sort of way, other parts oddly surreal.

Overall, I enjoyed it, if perhaps the least of this run.


Thoughts. Spoilers.

What in the worlds is going on…

Wrinkles and changes. Rather different.

… the Guardians. Oh my.

Not much to them though, other than showing off what could have been. No room to breathe. That’s the problem with one off stories like this.