Review: Marvel 1602: New World

Series: Marvel 1602: #2

Marvel 1602 established a world where time travel managed to accidentally cause various heroes to be born around the year 1602, now in New World we see more fallout if that story. The 1602 Master Spider of course, but also Lord Iron, Master Jameson and his broadsheet, and, of course, the Hulk—who needs no puny time periodic appropriate name.

It feels like somewhat smaller a story than the original 1602 and more like we’re reading something that we’ve seen before, just with a new coat of paint.

Still fun though.


A few thoughts while reading; spoilers.

Nay. Smash.


The more things are changed…

Lord Iron!

The Monkey!

I like the Spanish Lord Iron.

Some of the faces in this series are really weird though…