Review: Marvel 1602

Series: Marvel 1602: #1

Sir Nicholas Fury, with his servant Peter Parquagh. Stephen Strange, master of medicines. A blind man jumping around in the night. Sister Wanda, with her red habit. Witchbreed. So many new takes on old friends.

Oh. And dinosaurs.

As things escalate, it turns out there may very well be a reason everything is out of time… as there always had to be in a comic book. It’s neat when you get there.

Worth a read. It’s certainly an interesting ride.

More thoughts as I went (potential spoilers):


Enjoying their dynamic.

I’ve only seen him a handful of times in what I’ve read… does he always speak in a funny font?

A ha!


Gray is an interesting one in this world. I wonder which way they’ll go/have gone with that.

That wasn’t long.

Angel remaining amusing oblivious is fun.

A tie in back to the main Marvel universe. Necessary, I wouldn’t think. Interesting enough though.

And the biggest spoiler:

Is Rojhaz this universe’s Captain America? ‘Rogers’? Figured it out when I wondered how to pronounce it... but even then I was only half right.

A fun twist.