Review: ReDawn

Series: Skyward: #2.2

A prisoner could be convinced that they lived in a paradise, if the prison was pretty enough.

ReDawn is a lot like Sunreach in that it’s a cousin to the main Skyward books, really expanding the universe and letting us know what the rest of Skyward flight (and others) were getting up to while Spensa was… otherwise occupied.

This time around… the point of view is Alanik, the near human alien that crashed into Detritus right at the beginning of Starsight, enabling the events of that book.

I didn’t know enough about human politics to know who was correct, but I did know enough about politics in general to guess that everyone would interpret the law in the way that best suited themselves.

It’s facinating to have a point of view from someone who grew up in this universe on an alien world (bubbles of air around giant trees!) with an alien culture–that in this case is actually tied to humanity throughout the past. It gives us a way to dig more into the relationships (especially the ‘relationships’) between the humans all the more, which I enjoyed a lot.

And of course… learning more about the Taynix / slugs.

It’s a pretty fun story, well worth it’s place as a Skyward sidestory novella!