Review: Hawkeye, Volume 3: L.A. Woman

Series: Hawkeye (2012-2016): #3

A conversation with my children:

e: what are you reading?
J: Hawkeye

z: what are you reading?
e: hawk pie
z: why are you reading pot pie
e: hawk pie
z: no that isn’t right

And now, a quick interluded with the other Hawkeye.

Broke in LA. Good times.

Of course she finds her own trouble. And gets herself out of it. More or less. I like comics Kate Bishop. The real strengths are the Hawkeyes together though.

Other thoughts (potential spoilers):

I expect that’s someone interesting doing the cameo thing. No idea who though.


I don’t know if I’d even be surprised at this point.

… sure. Sounds good. I do enjoy that Kate is getting the more ‘high level’ crap. It’s fun.