Review: Build Your Own Redis with C/C++

Stumbled on Build Your Own Redis with C/C++. Decided to read it.

To some extent… I’m not sure what the point is. It does definitely go into a lot of the networking and data structure details you’d need to build your own Redis. So it certainly lives up to the name.

On the other hand, I feel like a lot of the book is spent down in the weeds, implementing some of the less important details of how Redis works. At that level, it’s a generic networking/data structures book with Redis as the example. Which works, just not something that I need at this point.

So is it work reading? Maybe. Give it a try. You can read it online for free and buy an epub if you find it worthwhile.

For me though, I think the greatest thing that I got out of it was really wanting to write my own Redis! Albeit in Rust. Check it out: Cloning Redis in Rust