Review: Sunreach

Series: Skyward: #2.1

Well that’s cute. Part teenage romance, part ‘how in the world do we take care of these random alien slugs anyways’. Well worth a piece of the Skyward universe.

Set during/after the events of Starsight, we actually do get a bit of time with Spensa’s old flight, following as point of view FM. It’s nice to get into the head of another of one of them, especially seeing how they see Spensa from the outside.

And on man, do they feel young now. Ergo the teenage romance. It’s cute, but so very very awkward.

I do also appreciate seeing Doomslug’s pals get a bit more screentime. I wasn’t really that surprised to see them as the secret behind the hyperdrives , but what else can they do? Learning how a ‘magic system’ works is one of the things that Sanderson’s works do best, and it works great here. Slug magic. Boomslug. I love it.

As a side note, this is the first of the collaborations of Sanderson’s I’ve read, where another another brings their own voice, this time to a non-Cosmere world. I like it. I’ve loved everything Sanderson does, but especially his worldbuilding. To see more of that? Yes please! And we get to explore the bits and characters we wouldn’t have necessarily seen in the mainline books. Another big plus from me!

Onward and Skyward!