Review: Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: The Black Vortex

Series: All-New X-Men (2012): #6.5

X-Men! Guardians! What could possibly go wrong?

What already went wrong…

In a nutshell: the Black Vortex. A magical MacGuffin that can apparently make anyone… more. It’s up to our heroes (more or less) to…

Destroy it?

Use it?!

And off we go on a wild ride that’s only sort of an X-Men story in that they’re at least in it (in various stages of powered up). But it’s still a neat one.

Onward and back to the main line once again.

Other thoughts (spoilers):

The Guardians (plus a few) playing a TTRPG. Delightful.

Drax being Drax.


Yeah. I’m still stuck on that whole ‘Son of Thanos’ bit.