Review: All-New X-Men, Vol. 5: One Down

Series: All-New X-Men (2012): #5

Yup. Ya done screwed up Beast.

Beast mopes. Jean mopes. The future future Brotherhood come back to the past/future. Shape shifters shift shapes. Everything is timey whimey and complicated. No one really learns anything.

A time travel loop—keep trying until it works—is kind of overdone… But if you’re ever going to use it, this is the storyline.

Oh comics.


Cool scenes and spoilers:

… don’t do it. She’s like half your age. And not your Jean.


For now.

You know, I actually like this older Scott well enough. He was painted as the villain but he’s not so bad.

… what.

Mystique has how many kids with how many X-Men bouncing around now?

Speaking of which…

… Batman. Love it.

lol. Here we go again.

Comics are so weird.

I should read those. All of it. Everything. Onward!