Review: All-New X-Men, Vol. 4: All-Different

Series: All-New X-Men (2012): #4

Looks like things are settling and everyone is more or less getting along… as impossible as that seems.

All New X-Man! He said the thing! Also:


Comics are delightful.

In any case, I guess they need a new big bad. Enter… religion!

Run by Stryker apparently? Oh my.

I was a bit worried about a let down after Battle of the Atom. Seems I needn’t have been. At least through the main story line. A bunch of random seeming issues as it went on though. That was strange.


A few more parts I particularly enjoyed:

I understood too. And it’s hilarious.

I can’t say that I like or even really understand this Magneto, compared to mostly my view of him from the movies. He just seems like a black slate. A robot even. But it’s certainly amusing seeing him dry snark Beast.

Time travel yo.