Review: Defending Elysium

Series: Skyward: #0.5

“You must understand that he knew the risks of living in an undeveloped civilization. Creatures of lesser intelligence cannot be held responsible for their acts of barbarity. You have not yet learned a better way.”

I’ve only read Skyward before of that series, so on re-reading, I noticed that Defending Elysium is sort of a prequel? It’s unclear to me exactly how much. It feels like the same world, but set well before and with none of the same characters? Especially since I haven’t read past Skyward before… it’s a bit more worldbuilding and background than I’d otherwise be aware of.

Short, but worth a read in my opinion.

It’s fascinating to read something by Sanderson that is pretty much straight out science fiction. he doesn’t do much of that.

Worldbuildingwise, the idea that aliens contacted Earth and that … Bell phone company played a large role in first contact is hilarious–and feels kind of creepily on brand. Cytonic powers and alien contact… I know they end up important in Skyward and sequels, but it’s interesting to see from such an earlier–and yet more developed point of view.

Onward and Skyward! (I’ve been waiting to say that.)