Review: Locklands

Series: The Founders Trilogy: #3

We’re all the result of countless actions and choices made throughout the centuries, and the odds of those actions and choices going the exact same way again are basically nil.

Well that’s certainly a finale! After Foundryside started out as a nice bit of worldbuilding wrapped around a heist and Shorefall turned things up to 11 with the return of the old, almost alien magic… Now we have Locklands with hive minds, epic immortal duals, and finally… a few answers.

Man that’s a crazy (awesome) book.

I think that the part that I loved most about it was digging into an idea that came up towards the end of Shorefall and really digs more into it: the idea of twinning minds, a variety of sharing from one mind in multiple bodies up through just being able to talk and see mind to mind. It’s an awesome idea and I really do love how it’s used in this story, both for better and for worse.

Other than that, the plot is certainly twisty enough and actually really deals into the origin of some of the crazy characters that we’ve seen… That was satisfying. And it makes me want to reread and see what I’m missing.

Could we see more in this world? Absolutely. Do we need more? No, I don’t think I do. A satisfying conclusion.