Review: The Orville: Season 1

Series: The Orville: #1

It’s a Star Trek parody that’s more Star Trek than most (new) Star Trek. It’s got a really rough start while it’s still trying to lean into the humor, but as the show goes on and it gets more serious, it’s so much better. I’m looking forward to what they can do in season 2!

Reviews by Episode

1. Old Wounds

The truth is, you’re nobody’s first choice for this job. We have 3000 ships to staff and we need captains.

Wow. That was an awkward meet and greet. Supposed to be funny and an introduction to the characters I suppose, but… who would possibly think that’s okay?

Arts and crafts meets tardigrade redwood. Hilarious.

2. Command Performance

Captain Mercer: Come in. Bortus: Good day, Captain. Captain Mercer: Bortus, how are you ? Bortus: I apologise for intruding upon your work. Captain Mercer: No, no, it’s fine. Bortus: What is… that? Captain Mercer: That is, ah, Kermit the Frog. Bortus: I do not recognise the species. Captain Mercer: It’s… an amphibious lifeform, from Earth. Bortus: Is it someone you know? Captain Mercer: No no, he’s just… a leader… I admire. Always keeps his cool in a crisis, inspires greatness in his people, He’s… So! What can I do for you?

Yeah, this show has its moments.

… dibs on the omelette.

How is he that bad at people?

Replicating an ’edible’ brownie. Wonderful.

Holograms! Want to be they’re never used again?

Reality television. That's wonderful. ... a female?

3. About a Girl

Ah. So that’s where we’re going with this episode. Transgender issues, children’s rights, and relative ethics between different (literal) races taken to an extreme–as only sci-do can do. Interesting.

Also Blobman dildo. This show really does the tonal whiplash thing sometimes.

Modifying the holodeck for the last dance off at the Alamo… is so human. I can totally see people screwing with the technology that way.

Bortus: Christmas would have been ruined if Rudolph had been euthanized at birth, as his father wished.

Yeah okay. Rudolph the Red-Nosed reindeer actually getting through to him is great.

That ending though. I really don’t think Star Trek would have gone there. Curious if we see fallout from this.

4. If the Stars Should Appear

Wilderness in a giant spaceship! Neat.

And they don’t know they’re in a ship. Not at all surprised.

And then suddenly uncredited Liam Neeson. Amusing.

5. Pria

Charlize Theron? Someone on this show has connections. :)

Jealous ex-wife who is of course going to be proven right. Not a surprising show, but still well done. A neat twist though: A time traveler coming back to steal artifacts that would otherwise be destroyed?

Hah. Isaac’s practical joke removal of a leg? Awesome.

Isaac: It seems I have much to learn about humor. What did I do wrong?

6. Krill

Lt. John LaMarr: Well you’re just going to have to date Isaac here.

Isaac: I fascinated by the interpersonal behavior of biological organisms. I would be happy to attempt sexual relations with you Lieutenant.

Isaac is my favorite. :)

Why in the world did they think sending in those two would be a good idea. They barely act human…

Judge not a stranger by his sheathe, but by his sword.

Oh my God. They’re space vampires. … Dude. We’re vampire hunters.

… yeah I didn’t make that connection. Pretty on the nose though, don’t you think?

Argh. Damn it! That’s a brand new leg!

How many times are they going to do that, I wonder? :D

After what they saw you do today… they will be.

Man. This show hits hard. That’s entirely too true.

Something about the costs of lying to try to make peace.

7. Majority Rule

A society based on upvoting/downvoting… with of course an expected dark side. Oy.

Their way of getting involved… dry humping a statue.

God. What kind of a ship are you running out there captain?

… exactly.

It’s heavy handed, like everything else on this show. But I think it works.

8. Into the Fold

Isaac gets a crash course in the life of a single mother. What could possibly go wrong?


9. Cupid’s Arrow

Karaoke … cute.

And then we get the Orville as last chance mediators in a tricky diplomatic situation. Who in their right mind thinks that’s a good idea.

And then… the blue guy. Hadn’t considered it, but of course we would see him again.

And then things start to get freaky.

Oh this show.

10. Firestorm

Alara is super strong and thus not afraid of anything! So of course we get the fear based episode. I do like the underlying reason they came up for why all the crazy stuff happened though.

11. New Dimensions

Turns out LaMarr has a bit more to him than one might think—he just doesn’t want to admit it. And that could be okay. It’s an interesting dig, I wonder if that will stick.

Also, Captain Mercer finally figuring out how he got the job… is something worth digging into .

Wait, so does that mean there could be 4th or 5th dimensional people watching us right now?

Or… 3 dimensional people in the REAL WORLD (or is it?).

12. Mad Idolatry

The time skip episode a la Voyager’s “Blink of an Eye”!

I feel like they’re stealing all of the best hits… but there’s nothing wrong with that.

It’s well done.