Review: Shorefall

Series: The Founders Trilogy: #2

Learn what your city has forgotten. What men of power have forgotten time and time again, throughout history—that there is always, always something mightier.

Foundryside was quite a ride, with an awesome magic system, great characters, and some nice not entirely too dark bits of revolution going on–and hints of something more. Shorefall takes all that… and turns it way the heck up to 11.

In a nutshell, take the magic system, add the deep ‘old’ magic, more powerful, but at a huge cost. Add a bigger bad, a thousand years in the making. And really up the stakes. It’s not just about the people now, but rather about the whole city. About sanity. About the future.

There is no innovation that will ever spring from the minds of men that will not eventually be used for slaughter and control.

Man that’s a crazy story. Much much darker than Foundryside, leaning much harder into the horror (especially body horror) sides of fantasy. If that’s not your thing, perhaps treat Foundryside as a standalone. It works well enough that way. If it isn’t a deal breaker though, Shorefall is an excellent escalation.

“You can’t control innovation! You can’t structure how people invent! That’s not how any of this shit works! Making and inventing is an ugly, stupid, random, dangerous process - just like humanity itself.”