Review: A Radical Act of Free Magic

Series: The Shadow Histories: #2

A Radical Act of Free Magic takes place right where A Declaration of the Rights of Magicians leaves off. The French Revolution is well underway, Britain might very well be next, slaves are revolting, and there’s this mysterious shadow operating behind the scenes…

Add to that: Napoleon! Even more magic! Magical beasties a la a kraken and a dragon! ! And EVEN MORE POLITICS.

For the most part, it’s got the same strengths and weakness of the first book, even more so. It’s fascinating to learn more about the history of the time period (it’s close enough + I’m interested in looking up even more), I like the basis of the magic system (even more this time), and I really do care about the characters.

On the flip side… it’s kind of boring. There are a few scenes that really should be spectacular… and then they’re suddenly over. There’s only so much spectacular magic you can fit in when you already know how the story has to go, but I really do feel like there could have been more.

Overall, it’s fine. Not my favorite, but still worth a read (especially if you enjoyed the first book).