Review: Trigun

No one ever has the right to take the life of another.

But perhaps, sometimes, you do have the responsibility to do so.

So that… was certainly a show.

It’s an absolutely fascinating combination of weird anime sci-fi and more than a touch of weird western. There’s quite a few memorable characters (some perhaps… too memorable), some weirdly wonderful worldbuilding and setting moments, and all sorts of gunfights.

Overall… I don’t know if I can really recommend it. It started out weird, took a while to make any particular sense, and just when I felt it was getting there… it ended. It’s certainly interesting, I’ll give it that.

A few question I still have after the show (spoilers):

Where in the world did the names Vash and Millions Knives even come from? They're so different.


Who (or what) were the Gung-Ho Guns? Literal demons? Natives? Weird humanity? What's with the vastly differently sized people.

Thoughts on individual episodes (potential spoilers for previous episodes as I go):

1. The $$60,000,000,000.00 Man

All that for one man. Quite a way to start the series. And all the characters are so wonderfully ridiculous.

… they’re after him because of the insurance payouts? That’s hilarious.

2. Truth of Stampede

What is he…

Such a wonderful world with person after person that could be Vash… all except the real one. I wonder how long they’ll keep that up.

3. Peace Maker

Another Vash! Another town. And he saved the day with finger guns… and friends.

Cute show. Weird.

4. Love & Peace

Well, I guess we got five hostages now.

Oh Vash.

Oh hey, Milly actually used her giant gun! And it shoots… what?

… and Meryl has dozens of single shot hidden pistols.

This show is weird.

5. Hard Puncher

… the Nebraska Family? A mad scientist and a giant man with a reactant rocket powered fist.

This show is weird.

Did Meryl finally admit he’s Vash though?

6. Lost July

Bits of world building… post apocalypse / fantastical ancient machines.

Also a chief engineer that seems to somehow mysteriously attracted Vash’s attention.

This show is weird.

Also… Vash origin story? What even happened there? What is he?

Yup. Weird.

7. B. D. N.

It’s saying something that the titular Big Dynamite Neon is perhaps the least ridiculous villain we’ve seen.

Neat episode. I like seeing the more active Vash.

Also… who’s Rem?

8. And Between the Wasteland and the Sky

Vash abusing the kid is kind of weird.

Derringer Meryl and Stun Gun Milly? All righty then.

… a duel? They have time for that?

Okay, B. D. N. is as nutty as Vash… but I like him. Wonder if we’ll see him again.

9. Murder Machine


I’m Valentinez Alkalinella Zeehoc Shushiharaboharetz Gombigobella Blu Stradivari Talentrent Pierre Andre Charton-Haymos Ivanovinci Baldos George Doitzel Kaiser III.


Random priest is totally a scam artist, right? But sometimes a good person?

Also what did Vash do?

10. Quick Draw

I am a Hunter of peace, chasing the mayfly known as love.

So weird.

Eileen is his dead girlfriend? So… who is/was Ren and why haven’t we heard of her again?

Priest man has a past.


I like him.

11. Escape From Pain

Cat. Pudding. Human trafficking.

This is a strange show. And that was particularly a weird setup for an episode.

Lord. What the Hell am I doing here.

He’s fun. I think I like him more than Vash at the moment. But the two together is really the best.

12. Diablo

(Wibbly wobbly arms)

Meryl: What in the Hell is that man doing?

Pretty much exactly.

And then… wibbly wobbly brain voices.


That took a very dark turn.

And hey, two guns. Still not Trigun though?

13. Vash the Stampede

A clip show… in an anime? Interesting.

Also… that’s a lot of scars.

14. Little Arcadia

… more Nebraskas. How… did that possibly work? Then again, I don’t think I want to know.

Feels like filler.

15. Demon’s Eye

Ok, so Shoulders (Legato apparently) is terrifying.

Arguably little of value was lost with that gang, but the manner of it all… which of course is the point Vash makes.

Random new baddies! Seems par for the course. No real rules on what’s possible in this universe.

Also Vash randomly groping her and/or undoing her shirt is kind of weird…

16. Fifth Moon

The baddies keep getting weirder. Which is saying something.

What is this, some sort of twisted Christian Science?

And then Vash goes and outweirds them all. This is truly a strange show.

17. Rem Severem

And then there was a giant space fleet. That’s a thing. And we’re in the past! So much backstory for 2/3 of the way through a story.

And Vash isn't human . I guess we knew that.

18. Goodbye for Now

Really getting somewhere now I feel.

Where that somewhere is? Noooo idea.

Also… how long has it been?

19. Hang Fire

I’ve always had my suspicions that you were no mere mortal. But I had no idea you were actually a cat.

You know…

20. Flying Ship

The Seed Ship is still there? After over 100 years. That’s certainly a thing!

21. Out of Time

Vash bringing death (even inadvertently) seems inevitable.

22. Alternatives

It’s only paranoia… If they’re not all really out to get you.

Also … where did the sandworms come from? Natives?

Also also why won’t Vash kill even them?

Also also also… the demon thing is literal?

23. Paradise

A traitor!

Also … with Milly?

Feels like things are accelerating and everyone just feels a little off.

24. Sin

… Legato has Vash's arm .

Also, Saxaphone guy gets to play. Been waiting for that.

25. Live Through

Vash has issues.

Milly has issues.

Meryl has issues.

Vash, take care of Knives.

“Take care”, right? Right?

One more!

26. Under the Sky So Blue

… they’re Plants? . That’s certainly a thing. I guess it explains what they were doing out there in space.

And so it ends as it began. Weirdly.