Review: The Boys: Season 1

Series: The Boys: #1

I’ve previously watched the first season and read the comics, but with season 3 out now (and I haven’t reviewed the show previously), let’s watch it again. Should be interesting seeing what’s different this time.

Wow that’s violent. Just as bad if not worse than the comics, since you get to see it all on screen. But in a way that actually has some solid visuals and crazy scenes.

Individual thoughts and (not so) pretty pictures. Spoilers:

1. The Name of the Game

Here we go again.


Immediately contrasted with a training montage.

Oh this show.

Why would you get into this business? If not to save the world.

— Starlight

Oh dear.

Well, well, well. If it ain’t the invisible cunt.

— Butcher

He’s fun. In a crude sort of way.

2. Cherry

Girl power! Good for her.

Oh Frenchie. He’s… quite the character.

And so begins the murder.

3. Get Some

Mother’s Milk

That’s a… nickname?

— Hughie

I think I prefer show Hughie.

Snarky supes. I like Maeve.

4. The Female of the Species

Oh Deep dealing with some issues. He’s still a creep, but at the same time trying to be better? For at least the fishy sort of better.

Or not.

An an introduction of /The Female/. Oh she’s quite the character.

Hughie and Starlight are so cute. And oh he’s so conflicted.

You see. When they’re apart, they’re absolute fucking rubbish. But. You put them together. They’re the goddamn fucking Spice Girls.

— Butcher

I don’t know anyone else who could have delivered that line…

5. Good for the Soul

Evangelical Christianity, supe style.

And of course…

…the plot thickens!

Oh Butcher. Your insane over the top… youness really does make the show.

6. The Innocents

Seeing just how much of the Seven and supes in general being constructed is absolutely fascinating.

Well, your feral pixie dream girl ain’t exactly dictating her fucking memoirs, is she Frenchie?

– Butcher

Oh, Butcher is just wonderful. 😄

Getting to her…

You know, you’re always calling people cunts or twats, but I never really ogt how that’s an insult. They’re flexible, take a poudning, and they’re the reason behind like 98% of my life descisions.

– Hughie

The relationship/contrast between Hughie is great.

And then the ‘hurt by supes’ support group. Oy.

7. The Self-Preservation Society

How they all met. This will of course not go well.

Daw. This will of course not go well.

Although to be fair, it’s the penultimate episode of Season 1. Of course things are going to go sideways.

A-Train: How does this not all start with you Hughie? The only difference between you and me Hughie, is that I made a mistake. The shit that you did is on purpose.


Making us feel for the Deep. Oy. Continual oy.

… and what happened to Rebecca Butcher. Oh… my.

8. You Found Me

Yeah… Homelander is kind of terrifying.

And… the government is kind of terrifying.

Good times.

They’re trying to make me feel for the Deep… I’m not sure what to think about that.


… oy.

Oh the twists. Becca is alive and Homelander got her pregnant. That's just... a thing. And I don't think he's even lying.