Review: Star Wars: Visions

Series: Star Wars

That’s a fascinating expirment. I’m not sure who got that made, but I’m glad they did. Take Star Wars, give it to a bunch of different Japanese (or Japanese inspired) animators, and make sure that nothing in this will be canon (so you can tell all sorts of stories). There aren’t any particularly deep, they’re too short for that. But beautiful, oh this series has that in spades.

Worth a watch!

Thoughts and pictures, episode by episode

  1. The Duel

    That is quite an interesting visual style, black and white ink work reminiscent of manga, with flashes of color for the lightsabers and blaster shots. Japanese droids, Ronin Jedi*, a spinning lightsaber umbrella attachment. Stunning.

  2. Tatooine Rhapsody

    Let’s get ready to ROCK!

    Underground rock band!

    That’s a fun idea. Very anime styling.

  3. The Twins

    What do you get if you weld a pair of Star Destroyers together around her another big ass gun?

    Anime light show battles! What else?

    Also, twins born to bring balance… only to do that far more literally than they for some reason expected. Where have we heard that before?

  4. The Village Bride

    A groom carrying his bride up a mountain so as not to dirty her feet? Not so traditionally Star Wars.

    Expanding that to some mystical Earth magic (the Force?) and the fallout of the various wars we’ve seen in Star Wars? That fits better.

  5. The Ninth Jedi

    I wonder how many canonical times someone has tried to bring back the Jedi. What’s one more?

    Cool clear lightsaber too. :D

  6. T0-B1

    There’s more than a bit of stylistic whiplash in these:

    And those are most certainly not the Star Wars droids we’re used to:

    But it’s kind of adorable.

  7. The Elder

    Slow. Straight forward. Pretty.

    The pointy lightsabers are weird but kind of neat.

  8. Loop and Ochō

    EVIL EMPIRE! And family members taking opposite sides. An old story, but not a bad one.

    And of course everyone is a hidden Jedi. :p

    Lop as the name of a bunny girl seems… a bit on the nose though.

  9. Akakiri

    Jedi! Sith! And prices that have to be paid…