Review: Fruits Basket: Season 2

Series: Fruits Basket: #1

I don’t know why I started the second season…

On one hand, we do get a bit of backstory with parent issues (oh so many parent issues), the rest of the zodiac (more or less), and some answers about Akito.

On the other hand, there are piles of weird age issues (I know this is apparently an anime staple; that doesn’t make it better) and episode after episode dedicated to … the student council of all things.

We made it through 15 episodes of this season. Fin. Onward.

Episode by episode comments, potential spoilers

  1. Hello Again

    Student council drama!

    I have no idea what to make of Manabe. I think I’ve met him before.

    The Yuki fan club is annoying. Motoko, the epitome thereof.

  2. Eat Somen With Your Friends

    Wow. Kyo’s father. No wonder Kyo has issues.

    I do wonder about what’s going to happen to him though. Is that actual a fight coming up?

  3. Shall We Go and Get You Changed?

    Ayame and Yuki chat about stuff.

    That’s quite a shop. And quite the discussions.

  4. I Got Dumped…

    Dark Haru!

    Their acceptance of that is weird and it coming up in school is even better… but it’s one of the most exciting things that’s happened on this show in a while.

    I expect/hope we’ll eventually get some answers on what’s up with Yuki/Rin/Akito. Maybe.

  5. Wait For Me, Totoro Soba!

    Random boy Uotani has the hots for… because he reminds her of Tohru? Uh huh.

    Edit: and apparently he’s 9 years older? That’s creepy. And a Soma. Right.

    Also Tohru is somehow surprised that people find herself clutzy and air headed?

    Also also… a haunted house… in a department store… in the middle of the summer. That seems somehow gigantic and also completely empty.

    Hatsuharu is kind of odd, but also one of the most interesting characters on the show! More Haru!

  6. Are You Really This Stupid?

    Momiji is delightful.

    Crawling Rin to Tohru butt shot… all right. Bit creepy.

    Is Hiro autistic? Or just young? He doesn’t get people at all. Also, a ‘lovers’ quarrel’ between him and Kisa? They’re like… really young?

    So… who or what is Akito anyways?

  7. Let’s Start The Watermelon Splitting…

    Why yes, Shigure is downright disturbing. What the hell is wrong with him and why do they all put up with it?

  8. It’s True, Isn’t It? / Well, It’s True

    Kyo’s never built a sand castle… but apparently neither has Tohru? It’s… a pile of sand.

    Akito: …act like you’re a proper member of the zodiac…


  9. So Precious

    Oooh Kyo has to fight Yuki for a bet. Fascinating.

    Man that’s a dark and twisty family…

  10. Who Are You?

    What is with Akito… she’s so very overly abusive. Why do the Somas put up with it?

    Also… why will Kyo allow himself to be locked up / will the rest go back to the estate?

    There has to be more to this whole mess. Halfway through the show and we still don’t know.

    By the end: ah. That… makes sense? Ish? That Akito is the Zodiac God? Is that a thing?

  11. All Mine

    The Somas’ relationship with the Cat(s) is so weird and warped.

    Kagura is still … very Kagura. But this is the least I’ve disliked her, so I guess that’s something.

  12. You Cried For Me

    Shigure: You’ll find I’m surprisingly perceptive when it comes to matters of the heart.


    Backstory of Shigure, Aya, and Hatori is not at all what I expected. Especially though the lens of Mayu and Kana. Oh Soma drama.

    Shigure is such a perceptive creep.

    Hatori: … so you cried for me …

    This is a weird show.

  13. Sure Thing

    What in the world is with the student council plot? I just don’t care about any of them. Yuki included. Oy.

  14. I Should Just Die…

    Shigure as Tohru’s guardian? Right…

    Also Yuki envies Kagura for her devotion? That can’t end well.

    Also, apparently Haru talked Shigure into taking Yuki home? Not sure what to think of that.

  15. See You Later

    Tohru doesn’t know about Shigure and Mayaku? That does make his decision to ‘help’ with parent teacher conferences…

    Shigure: Why not stay and marry me instead?

    Never mind. Wtf.

    Perhaps when the crazy psychic wave lady says someone (Shigure) is bad news… you should listen to them.

    … and then we finally meet Tiki’s mother. Wow she’s a piece of work.

    Any episode when Ayame is probably the best person in the episode… Can’t believe I wrote that.