Review: Everything Everywhere All at Once

Laundry and taxes. Hotdog fingers and Raccacoonie. Googly third eyes and sex toy fueled kung fu fights. The truest everything bagel there ever was.

Well that was a delightfully weird movie.

If anything at all of that sounds interesting (especially the weird part) and you haven’t seen this movie yet, go see it. Don’t spoil it. I’ll wait.

I loved this movie. The cultural dissonance of foreigners just trying to make a living while their world falls apart around them. Generational conflict, especially around LGBT issues. Crazy fight scenes and wackier world building, it’s got it all.

All of the actors were great. Wang Michelle Yeoh’s Evelyn Wang carried the show, but Ke Huy Quang’s Waymond Wang’s radically different characters were great as well. Jamie Lee Curtis as Deirdre was probably my favorite for just how much she change4d from role to role.

The worldbuilding was just weird and explained enough to work as a vehicle of the story without becoming all consuming. The entire point is that things aren’t particularly going to make sense. I feel like they started to give up on even the few rules they had by the end–but it held together.

Overall, a great fun movie. I have no idea if it will stand up to a rewatch… but I think I’m going to have to find out. If nothing else, so I can share it with others! And perhaps give Swiss Army Man a shot.