Review: The Land Before Time

Series: The Land Before Time: #1

I’ve never actually watched any of the Land Before Time movie. They just didn’t really come up in our childhood. On watching them now with my own children–I see why they exist and why some children would get absolutely stuck on them.

For one: dinosaurs. A lot of kids (mine included) love dinosaurs. And there’s enough variety in the characters that I bet they can each choose favorites to play ‘Land Before Time’ if they want to.

On top of that, it’s got scary moments, but just enough not to be turned off. Apparently the original cut had rather a lot more T-Rex, so power to the editors for cutting that down a bit.

From my adult-seeing-it-for-the-first-time perspective, it’s … fine? I don’t intend to watch all of them (I’ve heard that some are… really bad). But we’ll see what the kids say. Down to the bottom of the list with you. So it goes.