Review: Shorts - Shifting Shadows

Series: Mercy Thompson

With book #13 of the Mercy Thompson series (Soul Taken) coming out later this month, I’ve been relistening to the rest of the series (and I’ll probably hit the Alpha & Omega series on my way). Between the two, they’re either my top or second favorite urban fantasy series out there (the other being the Dresden Files) and I’ve reread each a number of times.

This time around though, I decided to hit all of the short stories and novellas as well, primarily collected in Shifting Shadows. Rather than one post per book, I’m just going to put them all in this one post, ordered chronologically within the Mercyverse. Any I haven’t read yet, I’ll leave as placeholders.

Good stories all and none seem critical for enjoying the main series if you skip over them. A bit more backstory, particularly for more minor characters though, which is appreciated.

I’ll try for minor spoilers at most, but I’m not always the most caring about that. :D

Silver (Shifting Shadows, long before Moon Called)

(to read)

Gray (Shifting Shadows, before Moon Called)

A short story about a newly turned vampire learning that love very well might survive beyond death… It’s a cute little story and always interesting to see a few aspects of powers we haven’t seen otherwise–in this case among the vampires. Worth a listen, but doesn’t directly related to the main plotlines.

Fairy Gifts (Shifting Shadows, before Alpha & Omega)

The backstory of Thomas Hao and Margaret Flanagan, the former of whom we see again in Frost Burned and both later in Fire Touched. It’s yet another not-as-bad-as-the-rest vampire story with a pair of so very different ‘could be lovers’. It’s interesting seeing so many of the relatively ‘good guy’ vampires, but these two have an interesting past and I’m glad to see a bit more of it.

Seeing Eye (Shifting Shadows, before Moon Called)

(to read)

Alpha and Omega (Shifting Shadows, Novella, before Alpha & Omega)

From my review of Cry Wolf:

First off: no, you didn’t miss anything. This book really does start a few days after Anna’s and Charles’ are mated, skipping to the end of what essentially makes up the Alpha and Omega short story. It’s a bit of a rough start, especially since so much of Anna’s character comes from those events that we never actually see, but I think it works.

And now we get the story. It’s all about how Anna met Charles and how he took apart the Chicago pack for him. A worthwhile read.

The Star of David (Shifting Shadows, Mercy Thompson #1.5)

David Christensen being the good guy, shortly after the events of Moon Called. Good for him. And interesting to tidbits about some of the much rarer supernatural entities in this worlds (wizards in this case).

Roses in Winter (Shifting Shadows, Mercy Thompson #4.5)

(to read)

In Red, with Pearls (Shifting Shadows, Mercy Thompson #5.5)

A story about Warren and Kyle. I love their relationship and this just cements it. They’re good people… but sometimes even good people need a more werewolve style / direct solution to a problem. Also, witches and zombies, oh my.

Redemption (Shifting Shadows, Mercy Thompson #7.5)

We’re werewolves, not swearwolves.

Ben trying to win a bet… and perhaps growing up a bit because of it. I like Ben, so always nice to get a bit more of him! Working in a related field… the tech isn’t quite right, but it’s close enough. The office politics though… oy. Just oy.

Hollow (Shifting Shadows, Mercy Thompson #8.5)

Mercy solving ghost problems! And a touch of the fae world. Nice to see her doing her own things.