Review: Fruits Basket: Season 1

Series: Fruits Basket: #1

I expect there are those who really love it, but … this is not a show for me. I don’t like most of the characters (and really don’t like some of them), most of the plots are entirely too high school, and the magic of the world/zodiac is criminally underused/explored.

So it goes.

Episode by episode comments, potential spoilers

  1. See You After School

    We’ll… that’s certainly a start. Not the sort of anime I’ve watched much before. And I’m going in knowing nothing about the show. Should be fun.

    No idea how old anyone is, super depressing everyone dies, and everyone is over the top (especially the mean girls).

    Also… they’re totally zodiac animals in human form. Calling it. Edit: yup.

    Also also random creep standing in a tree is creepy. Edit: Also, a cat.

  2. They’re All Animals

    … they transform when hugged by someone of the opposite sex.

    … … and turn back naked.

    Oooooh my.

    Also … what’s with Wave Friend?


    Are you going to kick me?

    Sometimes not getting kicked hurts more.


  3. Let’s Play Rich Man-Poor Man!

    Jealousy! A secret ~base~ garden!

    Plums on their backs. Right.

  4. What Year Is She?

    Kagura is… bipolar? And super abusive? Oy.

    You’d still transform every time your spouse hugged you. Sex would—

    Yeah, I’ll admit I wondered about that one.

    The gender roles in this show are for the most part kind of crazy… the girls cook and clean, girls can’t be interested in martial arts or physics… but then Kagura is all fighty?

  5. I’ve Been Fooling Myself

    Rice balls don’t belong in a fruits basket.

    That’s what it means!

    And she’s back! That didn’t last long. Also Yuki… doesn’t look that feminine?

  6. Perhaps We Should Invite Ourselves…

    More Somas! The German one has quite an accent. And … is a boy. Missed that.

    Wave-Girl is delightfully weird.

  7. Spring Comes


    Lol. Dragon. I see why he has a bit of a hang up…

    Akito is … warped.

  8. See You When You Get Back

    I honestly don’t think that Tohry Honda experiences the world like other people do.

    Truer words…

    She’s so weird and passive. Which is at least a cultural thing, but it’s hard to get passed it.

  9. Yuki Was My First Love

    Wave-Girl is … weird. One step—“go on without me!”

    Haru is … weird. And in that is saying something.

    Sigure (humming and blushing): high school girls, high school girls*

    What… That’s creepy.

  10. It’s Valentine’s, After All

    Valentines… and double dates. Oh my.

    And then it all got so very dark and weird. There’s so much more than High School / magic drama going on here.

    … and then Sigure’s editor is … oh my. What is this show.

  11. This Is a Wonderful Inn

    Tohru spent all her money on chocolate… she’s such an over people pleaser.

    ‘Funny Stories’… that wasn’t very funny.

    … what’s wrong with the Proprietress? Everyone is bonkers.

  12. You Look Like You’re Having Fun

    Sigure is such a creep… a maid’s outfit and ‘Master’ last episode and ogling high schoolers Tia one…

    Momiji’s uniform is an odd plot point.

    Proving his natural hair color… and Tohru not getting it is weird, cute, and so very strange.

    … Akito is suuuper creepy. Why are they voiced by a woman ?

    • How Have You Been, My Brother?*

    Snake is… even more a creep. Wonderful.

    … direct your lust towards to me.

    … the hell.

    What the Hell just happened.


  13. That’s a Secret

    Wow. Didn’t even consider mothers counting as opposite gender… Poor Momiji…

    Did we know anything about the biker stuff before?

    … and guilt?


  14. I Wouldn’t Say That

    Lies! And vacation at a Lake House?

    I still don’t get Ayame or the point there of.

  15. She Said Don’t Step On Them!

    … buying a swimsuit? Crying over old people buying convince store food? What is this show?

    Also Shigure is a serious creep. Like. How is that redeemable? At least the other two are her age?

    Wave Girl (doom mode): The answer is pink. P. I. N. K.

    Still my favorite.

    Getting more of Uotani’s back story is cool though.

  16. This Is For Uo-chan!

    Second half of Uotani’s backstory! I enjoyed that. Good people.

  17. What’s Important Is…

    Student council!

    And mute girl who turns into a tiger. The trauma they all go through it seems.

    The contrast between the different points in this show is bizarre. Yay Yuki though.

    Hatsu: You can’t see a wound without rubbing salt in it.

    Sigure: Yes, well. It’s my nature.

    … are we at all supposed to like Sigure?

  18. I’m So Sorry!

    So I don’t get people. Quite often. I’ve grown to accept that.

    But… what’s with Ritsu? Are people like that in real life? Is that hard for most people to watch?

    That does at least start to answer how the Zodiac spirits interact with transgender individuals. Been wondering about that. Still wondering about that. .

    Sigure … is worse. I didn’t expect that.

    Kyo: So stupid.


  19. I Can’t Believe You Picked It Up

    That’s an introduction.

    Yuki: I have issues with this show, but it’s complexity isn’t one of them.

    Yeah… …. …

    And… Sigure remains creepy.

    Also also Hiro is (intentionally) super unlikable… he’s not entirely wrong about Tohru. But what the heck man. Trauma and stuff.

    I didn’t expect to meet another Soma I liked as little as Ritsu… especially not back to back.

    And then the editor thing… she’s going to hang herself again? Didn’t… we resolve that last episode?

  20. I Never Back Down From a Wave Fight

    Wave Girl background! Brother! Weirdness! I … have no idea why this is in the same series as the Zodiac stuff. And they don’t do much with either.

  21. Because I Was Happy

    So… straight out psychic. All righty then.

    Poor Hanajima.

    Hanajima: You are both so strange

    Tohru/Uotani: We get that a lot.

    Yay Hanajima!

    The episodes without the zodiac peeps in it remain the better ones.

  22. You Look Well…

    Daw Kyo. So sweet. So bad at people.

    Who apparently is ‘sluggish’ in the rain…

    Kagura remains screwed up as well.

  23. Let’s Go Home

    So… true forms now? Do they all have one? Why hasn’t this come up before now?

    Tohru is ‘good’ to a fault and Kyo has a chip on his shoulder the size of a mountain.

    But the real question is… what did Kyo actually do to inspire such devotion/loyalty in Tohru?

    I find it hard to care.

  24. Summer Will Be Here Soon

    He wasn’t a very good teacher… Kyo can’t actually beat anyone in a fight.

    But maybe a good person in other ways.

    Yuki: You should know. I’ll kidnap you if I must.


    All this talk about something exciting about to happen… after an entire season. 25 episodes. Oy.