Review: Ms. Marvel

Series: Marvel Cinematic Universe: #28.1

Series: MCU Phase 4: #5.1

Series: MCU TV: #7

Ms. Marvel is not particularly earth-shattering. It doesn’t deal with the end of the world and only barely with the greater MCU (although there is a decent bit of ‘how the world changes with superheroes in it, like Ant-Man’s podcast and Avengercon).

What it is though? A awful lot of fun. Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan is just an absolute delight and really looks like she had a great time in the role. The whole supporting cast is great as well, especially Kamala’s family and friends Bruno and Nakia.

Kamala Khan: [whispers] I’m a super hero.

[She runs off gleefully]

I really enjoyed this. Especially when it leaned into the Muslim + Pakistani culture and the family dynamics of the whole thing.

Sheikh Abdullah: I don’t need anyone on my side. I’m not even concerned if God is on my side as long as I am on His side. God is always right.

Agent Deever: I don’t have time for Quranic quotes. Excuse me.

Sheikh Abdullah: Actually, that was Abraham Lincoln.

The big fights and greater threats were kind of cheesey and didn’t mesh as well (especially the big showpiece in the final episode), but the down to earth human parts of being a teenager superhero? Awesome.

It’s so hard to rank these any more, since there’s just so much to love in the MCU. I think Ms. Marvel ends up pretty squarely in the middle of the pack… but I’d still say it’s worth a watch. Onward.

Episode by episode thoughts (Spoilers)

  1. Generation Why

    Avengercon! Ant-Man has a podcast!

    It’s cute. Looking forward to this.

    I’m curious: did the bangle grant the powers or just unlock something she had already?

  2. Crushed

    Training montage go!

    Who’s the senior? Bad guy? Poor Bruno crushing on oblivious Kamala.

    Poor confused Yusuf.

  3. *Destined *

    Aliens!! There are so many random groups on Earth. That’s comics for you.

    Wedding! I love their garb.

    Brown Jovi!

  4. Seeing Red

    Pakistan! Seems impressively sudden. Neat world building though!

    It’s extra amusing as the main actress is from Pakistan and moved to Canada.

  5. Time and Again

    And that’s… how I met your great grandmother.

    How did Kamala know that Najma killed Aisha?

    And what in the world are they going to do with the last episode? … last two minutes: oh. There!

  6. No Normal

    Her family is so adorable.

[todo: actually that was Abraham Lincoln]

Nakia: We’re with you. And I guess so is Zoe.

That’s by far one of the cheesiest final battles in the MCU… but it kind of fits?

… like a mutation.

They can do that now.