Review: Underworld: Evolution

Series: Underworld: #2

Quite an interesting contrast compared to the first Underworld. Where the first was a straight forward vampire/werewolf urban fantasy action flick, Evolution tries to be more. We get deeper worldbuilding, more backstory–especially for Selene–and more hints that the entire world is changing. It works… well enough?

Things that I liked:

  • Selene and Michael’s growing relationship–we get a lot more of the two of them
  • Michael coming into his new role, whatever that ends up being
  • More backstory and worldbuilding, from the time of the original vampire/werewolves
  • Marcus as the remaining big bad Vampire Elder–I’d forgotten he was in this when I saw him as Vincent van Gogh in Doctor Who–that’s… quite a different role, but he does a crazy sort of terrifying really well
  • The hidden power older than either line: the father of both –this was particularly cool
  • Fighting around a downed helicopter set piece–you know how it’s going to end, but I still loved it
  • Steven Mackintosh’s Tanis. Mercenary bookie vamp. Works out pretty well. He looks really familiar… but I’m not sure what from. I think perhaps he looks vaguely like Stephen Moyer from True Blood?

Things that aren’t as great:

  • Nighy’s Viktor is barely in a few flashbacks and Sheen’s Lucian isn’t really in the film at all; understandable given the events of the first, but they really made that film
  • I feel like they changed a number of things that would have come up in the first film–Selene’s backstory and the new hidden power in particular; making it up as they went along

Things that are kind of weird:

  • A lot more nudity than the first film–it’s got the R-rating, but it feels… strange to have in this one but not the first

Overall, a solid sequel (that really wouldn’t stand alone). A bit lower down the list, but I’ll almost surely rewatch it whenever I rewatch the first one, they complement each other well.