Review: The Unwritten, Vol. 1: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity

Series: The Unwritten: #1

Well that’s a start. A world where Tommy Taylor is a modern hidden world fantasy even bigger than Harry Potter… until the author disappears, leaving behind disillusioned son Tom Taylor. There are more than hints of a darker truth behind the story, hidden worlds within hidden worlds. And a section at the end establishing how far back in time the truth goes.

So far, a fascinating sort of story. Well written and illustrated. I’m willing to bet that I can guess a chunk of what’s to come, but I bet the getting there will be the best part.


In-line Thoughts (potential spoilers)

Oh my.

Ah I see. Very interesting.


And because it’s a story… I expect the crazy man is probably very well right.

Wow. Bit darker even than the later Harry Potter.

Good thing it’s fan fiction. :) But if I’m guessing where this story is going to go… oh my.

There it goes.

That’s certainly an interesting point of view.

Clemens and Wilde, Kipling and Locke. etc. Quite a cast.