Review: The Matrix Revolutions

Series: The Matrix: #3

Oh the Matrix Revolutions. In a nutshell, it’s The Matrix Reloaded: Part 2. We cut in right as that one ended, with Neo out for the count, robots descending on Zion, and Smith doing… whatever Smith is doing. I particularly appreciate the idea of humans, programs, and machines perhaps finding common ground (which The Matrix Resurrections really got into).

Neo: I just have never…

Rama-Kandra: …heard a program speak of love?

Neo: It’s a… human emotion.

Rama-Kandra: No, it is a word. What matters is the connection the word implies. I see that you are in love. Can you tell me what you would give to hold on to that connection?

Neo: Anything.

Rama-Kandra: Then perhaps the reason you’re here is not so different from the reason I’m here.

Plotwise, it’s a little weird what exactly Neo is and what he can do, but I think the basic idea is that he’s somehow born with a natural ability to jack in–and thus influence the machines in any world. I wish they would have gone a little more into that and a little less into ‘because he’s special’. The whole final scene with Neo and Trinity… meh.

Actionwise, the defense of Zion is absolutely spectacular. That’s probably my favorite battle scene in the movies. I do love big mech battles. Pew pew pew! The battle in the Matrix, perhaps less so. It’s cool.. but doesn’t have any of the ‘realness’ of the previous fights. Even the Smith battle. Still, a spectacle.

Overall, it’s probably the weakest of the Matrix movies in my eyes. Still quite good and worth watching to finish the trilogy, but not as great.