Review: Locke & Key: Season 2

Series: Locke & Key (TV): #2.1

Daaang things escalated. We’ve got more history, more direct interactions with the demons (and slight humanization to them, which is an interesting choice), and more character building with both the family and those around it. Man, I just want to give them all a big hug.

I so very look forward to Season 3! (see the end)

Mini-reviews for each episode (potential spoilers as we go):

  1. The Premiere

    We’ve had some relatively supernatural/cosmic horror bits in teh first season… but now with that intro we’re really getting into it. Cool!

  2. The Head and the Heart

    Expanding into new characters! And complications with old ones. Good times.

    Imagine that ending though. Erin Voss wakes up after being locked up in her own head for _decades_.

  3. Small World

    Nina and Josh are adorable; I wish them the best… but that has to end badly, right? Oy oy oy.

    The Key House key is such a cool idea.

    Tyler: What’d you do?

    Bode: It wasn’t me!

    And Duncan getting his memories back... dang. Probably a new ally, but at what cost?!
  4. Forget Me Not

    For a moment there, I really thought the Anywhere Key could even take them into the book… It couldn’t, could it?

  5. Past is Prologue

    Poor broken Duncan :\

    Yay fixed Duncan!

    Poor broken (demon ) Eden.

  6. The Maze

    And now they know they killed Ellie . The idea that the keys eventually lead to evil… Maybe nto entirely wrong there.

    Duncan (looking at a box of cassette tapes): Seriously? These are how cavemen like me and your dad used to listen to music.

    Bode: Oh, are they… what do you call those things… iPods?

  7. Best Laid Plans

    Fighting back! Things are going to be escalating now…

  8. Irons in the Fire

    All the flashbacks!

    Kevin Durand as Frederick Gideon in teh flashbacks is fun seeing him again. Been a bit, since X-Men, Lost, and of course Stargate.

  9. Alpha and Omega

    Everything coming to a head! Duncan passing on the Maker torch to Tyler is awesome.

  10. Cliffhanger

Angel/Wings Key! Showdown with the the Demon Key! The Alpha Key!

Man that’s a lot. And not at all how I remember the comics ending?

They do quite a good job wrapping up everything pleasantly–and then setting up Season 3.

And so another season ends. Maybe they actually dealt with Dodge/Gabe (maybe), but Eden is still around!

One more to go!

And only a month away!

Okay, maybe not so dead. (Of course) Oooooh boy.