Review: Ratatouille

Series: Pixar: #8

Well that’s just a delightful movie.

Start with “Anyone can cook”, turn that up to 11 by making ‘anyone’ a rat (because rats don’t belong in kitchens, get it?) and end up with a surprisingly touching movie about believing in yourself, doing whatever you set your mind to, and not having to necessarily do what it is that others expect of you.

It’s a great movie, my favorite thus far in my rewatchings (and up there over all).

The plot is simple enough, yet still has a few minor twists; the casting and characters are great (I didn’t realize Patton Oswalt was Remy, he’s a gem); and it really gives a great feel of what an idealized Paris/kitchen life can be. It’s probably nowhere near as pleasant as that, but it’s still worth dreaming about.