Review: Network Effect

Series: The Murderbot Diaries: #5

So that was what had happened before the survey. Now we’re here, ready for the next major disaster. (Spoiler warning.)

It’s a full length Murderbot novel! Yay! And it gets far deeper and weirder into corners of the worldbuilding we’ve only had hints of before. I love seeing the hints of tension with the corporations and how much control they hvaqe, the weirdness that is alien remnants, and the knowledge that there are super weird problems out there that aren’t necessarily directly related to Murderbot.

Organic neural tissue can be melded with inorganic systems (Example A: the squishy bits inside my skull) so there was an outside chance (it was so outside I couldn’t estimate a percentage) that this organic mass was a normal part of ART’s systems, maybe something unique and proprietary

Plus the return of an old favorite in ART, the potential spread of what makes Murderbot Murderbot and all sorts of cases of Murderbot not quite fitting in–and that’s okay.

“SecUnit, you need to get to Medical!”

I checked the feed again; still no alerts. “What happened in Medical?”

“You happened, you got shot.”

All together, a great novel. I think I slightly prefer the shorter ones, but a mix works really well as well.