Review: Altered Carbon: Season 2

Series: Altered Carbon: #2

So… that’s a huge bummer. They swapped out most of the cast, kept one that… is a weird choice, and mostly changed the entire style of the show. It’s a fascinating choice and I wanted to like it… but I just couldn’t. Made it two episodes in. So it goes.

Mini-reviews for two episodes:

  1. *Phantom Lady *

    … Poe?

    Michael Shanks is a fun surprise. Haven’t seen him in a while.

    Poe: We just got here.

    Kovacs: I didn’t kill him.

    Poe: What a refreshing change.

    It certainly feels different. Like a different story based on the same world. But it has some potential.

  2. Payment Deferred

    A part dog/wolf sleeve? Word addition.

    Kovacs yelling at Poe … is just wrong. :/

    Quell! Quell?

    Aw man. That Alpha Wolf stuff…