Review: V for Vendetta

That’s quite a story; quite a world. I only vaguely remember the film, but I still hear Hugo Weaving’s voice as V and Natalie Portman as Evey. The bones of what I remember match though. A story of a world gone well over the edge and a man determined to bring it back—but at what cost?

A fascinating read and worth the time. I need to watch the movie now.

Moments that particularly stood out to me (spoilers):

Book 1: Europe After the Reign

All righty then.

That’s not at all what I remember of the film. Parlament and fireworks, yes. V, mostly. Was Portman a prostitute?

Oh my. Alternate history… or propaganda?

Room V. That I remember!

More Vs!

Oh that’s sneaky.

No miraculous Transubstantiation for him…

The Milgram Experiment. Oy.

Book 2: The Vicious Cabaret

That’s certainly an interesting style. Landscape too.

This I remember!


Book 3: The Land of Do-As-You-Please

An awful lot to say with no words.